Deriving Indicators for Regional Seas

S. Lai, D. Felinto, J. Steenbeek, J. Buszowski, R. Watson, D. Zeller, D. Pauly, V. Christensen, (2011). “Deriving Indicators for Regional Seas. ,” Fisheries Centre Research Reports No. 19 (Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia., Vancouver, Canada).

The approach is presented, which was used to extract the mean, maximum and minimum values of various features in areas of the global ocean, and aggregate these to yield indicators relevant to the status of Regional Seas, with emphasis on their biodiversity and fisheries. This work, facilitated by the availability of several databases previously spatialized (in a ½° latitude by ½° longitude grid system) by the Sea Around Us project, also required a rigorous spatial definition of UNEP’s Regional Seas, which had been lacking so far.