Marine Ecoregions

Marine Ecoregions

from Marine Ecoregions of the world: a bioregionalization of coastal and shelf areas. Spalding et al. 2007

What are they?

Spalding et al. (2007) described this biogeographic classification for the world’s coastal and shelf areas, which draws heavily on the existing global and regional literature. They believed that this classification will be of critical importance in supporting analyses of patterns in marine biodiversity, in understanding processes, and, perhaps most importantly, in directing future efforts in marine resource management and conservation.

Other important subdivisions of the world’s oceans include the Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) and Biogeochemical Provinces.  Like the LME system, the Ecoregions currently include only the coastal areas.

More Information

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Spalding, M.D., Fox, H.E., Allen, G.R., Davidson, N, Ferdana, Z.A., Finlayson, M., Halpern, B.S., Jorge, M.A., Lombana, A., Lourie, S.A., Martin, K.D., McManus, E., Molnar, J., Recchia, C.A., and Robertson, J. 2007. Marine ecoregions of the world: a bioregionalization of coastal and shelf areas. Bioscience 57(7):573-582.

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