Biogeochemical Provinces

Global biogeochemical provinces

Biogeochemical Provinces

Dividing the world’s oceans based on prevailing primary productivity levels.

Different primary productivity levels are maintained by dominant currents, gyres and other regional oceanographic features. Satellite images, analysed for water colour, helped decide where the boundaries should lie. Though the placement of boundaries between provinces would obviously shift between years and even between seasons, those shown here are intended to show their average position.


Primary productivity within global biogeochemical provinces

Some of that seasonal variation in primary production is mapped above from Lutz et al. (2007).
Though very large in area, these provinces could prove very useful as a framework, along with a nested system of large marine ecosystems, when developing smaller-scale ecological models vital to future management of marine systems. Other important classification schemes for the world’s oceans are the Large Marine Ecosystem (LMEs) and  Marine Ecoregions.


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