Metazoan Parasites of Pike, Esox Lucius Linnaeus, from Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba, Canada

R. A. Watson, T. A. Dick, (1980). J. Fish Biol. 17, 225-261.

Metazoan parasites of pike Esox lucius from Southern Indian Lake, Manitoba were studied to reveal species composition, differences with host age, sex, and location and season of capture. Pike hosted 18 species of metazoan parasites, two of which, Tetraonchu, monenteron and Proteocephalus pingui.5, made up over 84% of metazoan parasite numbers. Some parasite species exhibited defInite patterns of abundance with host age and season which resulted from changes in host diet and behaviour. No differences in parasite abundance existed between the host sexes. Ranking of parasite abundances was significantly different between two sampling sites only 2 km apart as a result of intermediate host distribution. Impoundment could greatly change pike parasite levels. An initial decrease in parasite numbers could be followed by a rapid increase.