A Global Ex-Vessel Fish Price Database: Construction and Applications

U. R. Sumaila, A. D. Marsden, R. Watson, D. Pauly, (2007). Journal of Bioeconomics 9, 39-51.

We describe the first effort at creating a global ex-vessel fish price database, which is required for understanding the economic behaviour of participants in the world’s fisheries. We demonstrate potential applications of the database by linking it to a spatially defined catch database, which makes it possible to attach landed values to species in both time and space. This is the first database available publicly where interested members of the public, researchers and managers can easily find and access ex-vessel prices of the world’s major commercial fish species. Preliminary results indicate that the average real price of a number of species have declined between 1950 and 2002. The estimated landed value of fish globally, in year 2000 dollars, was about US$24 billion in 1950. It increased steadily to about US$90 billion in the early 1970s, reached a peak of US$100 billion at the end of the 1980s, and declined to about US$80 billion in 2000. The top 15 fishing countries cumulatively account for 79% of total real landed value, with Japan leading, even though the value of its landings has been declining.

10.1007/s10818-007-9015-4, http://www.ecomarres.com/downloads/fishprice.pdf