Sourcing Seafood for the Three Major Markets: The Eu, Japan and the USA

W. Swartz, U. Rashid Sumaila, R. Watson, D. Pauly, (2010). Marine Policy 34, 1366-1373.

This paper describes the marine fish and invertebrate consumption in three of the world’s major seafood markets (the EU, Japan and the USA)using a series of global maps indicating the likely origin of the seafood consumed by each market. These maps display a high level of dependence by these markets on foreign sources as the serial depletion of local fisheries resources forced the fleets in search for new seafood supplies well beyond their domestic waters. The acquisition of foreign(and highseas) seafood by these markets is conducted through two channels: by dispatching distant water fishing fleets that directly exploit foreign stocks, and by importing catch landed elsewhere by local fleets. The results also demonstrate that each of the three major markets occupies a zone of influence within which it is dominant.