Aggregate Performance in Managing Marine Ecosystems of 53 Maritime Countries

J. Alder, S. Cullis-Suzuki, V. Karpouzi, K. Kaschner, S. Mondoux, W. Swartz, P. Trujillo, R. Watson, D. Pauly, (2010). Marine Policy 34, 468-476.

Fourteen indicators of marine living resource management performance by country, reflecting both their intention to sustainably use the resource within their Exclusive Economic Zones and the effectiveness of their policies, were developed and the performances of 53 maritime countries were assessed. Four rankings of the countries, which jointly account for over 95 percent of the world’s marine fisheries landings, are presented here as aggregated scores of the fourteen indicators, using differentschemes for weighting the indicators, each reflective of the management preferences identified by the Global Environment Outlook 4 (GEO4) future development scenarios: Market First, Policy First, Security First, and Sustainability First. The resulting rankings differed substantially between the weighting schemes for the top performing countries but less so for the countries performing poorly.